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  • Post-Hackathon follow-up December 4, 2018
    Hello dear bootcampers and HIVhack participants : here is the page for each project, each team has it’s own post but we’re missing some data. Mainly picture from team 11 and 2 Blog posts Team 8 : I’m not sure I have your last presentation on the drive, it seems to not be the […]
  • Cross-Border ART Guidelines Version Control November 12, 2018
    @Irene-del-Carmen Hi, I am in the kitchen at DigitYser right now.
  • Submitting a team October 22, 2018
    Hey all, here is some info and context for the hackaton : Update : FAQ : feel free to use the forum to ask any questions !
  • HIV Hackathon Team October 15, 2018
    New challenge from on high. By Wednesday evening next week we need to prepare 3-4 solution proposals to present at the HIV Hackathon meetup Let’s try to do a meeting tomorrow after your workshops to get moving on this. For those who can’t make it tomorrow, we can set a second meeting later this week […]


  • New dataset available November 12, 2018
    Hi, Just recently an interesting website hosting relevant HIV and HIV-DR data came to our attention: The site covers a variety of data sets at National and Sub-National Level for a group of African countries Serge
  • Wanted: Chatbot developer for the hivhack November 9, 2018
    Hello! If there is someone out there with bot development skills, let´s join forces! Cheers!
    Irene del Carmen
  • HIVHACK Teams : November 7, 2018
    @ricardo Yes, now is working, thanks!
    Aura Alegria
  • Project - Meds distribution map November 1, 2018
    Irene del Carmen
  • Slides of Marie-Pierre workshop? October 28, 2018
    @Irene-del-Carmen the slides of Marie-Pierre are available here:
  • Where can we have info about the Dengue Hack? October 24, 2018
    @ricardo I have activiated the website again
  • Some important videos explaining the basics of this project October 24, 2018
    I have added a menu tab on our website leading you to a page with the most essential videos explaining the importance of this hackathon:
  • What presentations can we use to present the HIVHACK ? October 3, 2018
    Here is a nice slideset we used to present the project to a Kenyan team:
  • here is the link to the dataset October 3, 2018
    Jente also showed this website with wonderful data visualization and statistics
    Irene del Carmen
  • HIV Hack commitment & Data Science Bootcamp October 2, 2018
    Hi all readers. Just some thoughts here, hoping no-one will be offended, and this message is mainly for DataScienceBootcampers. First, I want to thank all the people that was present on the 27th HIV Hack Workshop, especially those that presented their work (highlighting Varun, Samir, Olmo, their team and all others involved). And also the […]