HIV Hack

Tackling the emergence of HIV drug resistance


Let's build a map of the hot-spots of HIV Drug Resistance!

Why HIV Drug Resistance?

The HIV epidemic has claimed numerous lives since its discovery in the 80’s. Over the years, the efforts and coordinated work of national programmes, the civil society and development partners have allowed to achieve tremendous progress.

Even though there is still no cure for HIV, effective treatments have been developed and they can offer to patients long and healthy lives. However, treatments must be rigorously followed throughout life to successfully contain the virus. Failing to adhere to the treatment can lead to a mutation of the HIV into a form resistant to the available treatments.

This is how HIV Drug Resistance can emerge.

Following the massive increase of people on treatment (from less than 800 000 in 2000 to more than 18 millions in 2016), a non-negligible rise in the prevalence of resistant HIV strains has emerged and threatens the global commitment to end the HIV epidemic by 2030.

If no action is taken now, and this problem left unaddressed, HIV Drug Resistance could lead to a new crisis in the HIV epidemic.

Our Approach

The factors that influence the non-adherence to the treatment are plentiful and arise from various origins (social, economical, logistical, geographical, ...).

We aim at addressing this problematic by the application of data analytics with the support and collaboration of both the data and hiv/aids community

Phase 1

Connect Players & Gather Data

Rally potential contributors and active players in the HIV fight. Collaborate to create a better understanding of the problematic by gathering and sharing useful data.


Phase 2

International Hackathon

(27-29 Sep 2018)

Dive into the heart of the action and uncover new insights.


Phase 3

Deliver solutions

Test and apply on the field the uncovered insights to make long-lasting changes.


Join us!

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